Second hand hifi systems

Whether you get your tunes from Spotify or Tidal or have them stored on a hard drive, we've found the best music streamers to take the hassle out of the hunt. Most of the selection below support the vast majority of hi-res music formats. Audiolab's first standalone music streamer is the third component in the company's mid-range Series, following the A integrated amplifier and the CDT CD transport. And it borrows tech and features from both.

With the same DAC chip from the amp and the circuit design from the transport, it presents a capable and composed sound with an inviting openness and a good honest, down-the-middle tonal balance. So even the most discerning listeners should find plenty to love.

second hand hifi systems

The lack of a display is a bit of a bugbear, and the presets integration could do with some work. But those minor quibbles aside, this is a superb and affordable way to implement streaming into your system without compromising on sonic quality.

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Read the full review: Audiolab N Play. If you want a stylish way to stream your music wirelessly then the Cambridge Audio CXN, with its brushed metal finish and intuitive menus, could be for you. But it's not just a looker - it has it where it counts, too.

Sound quality is fantastic with an enthusiastic, driven delivery that combines snappy timing with subtle levels of detail. We described the original CXN as "wonderfully entertaining", and it's heartening to see this second-generation model retaining that character. So what sets it apart from its predecessor?

The main new skill is Chromecast Built-In, which lets you stream content from compatible apps. It works very well - we were up and running in a matter of moments. But that's far from the only feature available. So, the same winning sound quality as the original with even more features to play with. What's not to like? So as you can see, you get plenty of music source options, and they stream at a high bitrate, which is exactly what we like to see.

So how does it sound? Very good indeed. It's impressively expressive and really involves you in the music, while dynamics have a natural fluidity. As the hub of a system, it's all-encompassing. First class. Read the full review: NAD C Its presentation is direct, punchy and organised with a musical cohesion few rivals can match.

But it's not just impressive sonically - it's packed with features, too. Bluetooth in higher quality aptX HD form is included, as is Chromecast. Tidal and Spotify Connect are embedded, and Apple Airplay, Roon compatibility and the ability to work as part of a Naim-based multiroom set-up are also on the menu.

Just remember - you'll need a separate power supply, which will cost you another few thousand. So it'll certainly cost you a pretty penny.Paul Rigby follows his guide to vintage turntables with a look at some of the old-school amps that will bring out the best in your records.

Best music streamers 2020: upgrade to a wireless system

The biggest mistake you can make about hi-fi is believing that new is always best. That all hi-fi aged by more than a few years is past it and worthless and not even worth plugging in, never mind using.

This is just not so. There have been an array of superb hi-fi designs created and sold over the years. While many of those products are rather lagging in terms of sonic reach, there are also plenty that still hold their own and have stood the test of time.

The main issue with vintage kit β€” and this goes for vintage amplifiers too β€” is condition. Do they actually work and, if they do, are they safe to use? Prices will vary, of course, depending on a range of factors so the figures I provide here are merely a very rough guide.

second hand hifi systems

I have not supplied a website source for each product because sourcing each will require a bit of detective work. Space restriction prevents me from listing the other 14, amplifiers swimming around my thoughts so let us know your favourites in the comments below. If you thought that pre-amps and power-amps were a recent phenomenon, think again.

This is a very early example of the type, built in and valve-based, of course. It offers a fairly open sound with a lovely warming presentation. You may have seen the name and the model number associated with more contemporary fare, but both relate to this original which offered transistor power in Class A. Very musical in sound but the DIN sockets could be an issue in connectivity terms. This classic amplifier from was seen as a good upgrade from another classic, the NAD With that oh so familiar styling, a sweet sound and a surprising bass impact with a great phono amp built in.

What you need to know before building a HiFi system

Looking towards the audiophile notion of sound quality, this amplifier dumps the tone controls and sounds all the better for it. Provides a sense of sonic control that is appealing. This one is fromwhen Naim were a mighty force, striding across the audiophile world.

It offers a fine phono stage and that Naim dynamic presentation which is so engaging. Also from and a styling that draws the eye but remains sparse in approach. It offers a lively sound presentation with a surprising amount of precision around the mid-range.

This design is packed with features, which makes the relatively smooth sound a bit of a revelation. It includes a fine phono stage that handles both MM and MC.

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When operated in sterio mode Cinema X delivered an Thanks Chris Ayon s3 player streamer. PMC twenty. Item for sale: PMC twenty. Serial Number: In excellent condition Reaso Serial Number: In excellent condit Nakamichi ll vertical cassette deck.

A superb example of the Nakamichi ll vertical cassette deck. This brings studio quality sou Dynaudio Focus Standmount Speakers. For sale my beloved pair of Dynaudio Focus in perfect working condition and very good cosmetic c The subwoofer Contact HiFi In Touch info hifi-intouch.Whether it's a true all-in-one micro system complete with speakers, a single box of electronics to which speakers must be added or a pair of speakers housing everything you need, a good all-in-one hi-fi system can save you money and space.

And the best can deliver superb sound quality. We've rounded up a selection of options, at different price points, each with its own unique appeal. We have CD systems, wireless Bluetooth systems, and premium hi-fi systems, each compatible with an increasingly wide range of music streaming options from AirPlay to Bluetooth, Spotify to Tidal. Needless to say, all the systems we list here sound pretty special too.

So how do we come to our review verdicts? And why can you trust them?

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Allow us to explain. We have state-of-the-art testing facilities in London and Bath, where our team of expert reviewers do all our in-house testing. This gives us complete control over the testing process, ensuring consistency.

We always ensure we spend plenty of time with the speakers, trying them with different electronics, in different positions and with different music. All products are tested in comparison with rival products in the same category, and all review verdicts are agreed upon by the team as a whole rather than a single reviewer, helping to ensure consistency and avoid individual subjectivity.

That's why our reviews are trusted by retailers and manufacturers as well as consumers. From all of our reviews, we choose the top products to feature in our Best Buys, such as this one. You can buy it with or without Denon's own speakers. Put the two together and you have the D-M41DAB - we'd happily recommend Denon's speakers if you don't have your own already. In terms of performance, this system could hold its own against groups of separates at greater cost.

A truly remarkable system for the money. All you have to do is add speakers. And when you do, you'll be rewarded with a sound that's always enjoyable to listen to, whatever your musical preferences. Sound is spacious and easy-going, with plenty of top-end shine and mid-range detail. The supplied remote handset isn't the best, but does the trick. For the money, this all-in-one vinyl system sounds great and offers a level of functionality that would cost much, much more to replicate with individual components.

The LSX might be a scaled-down version of on the LS50, but it's every bit as impressive β€” and cheaper. Marantz's PMN may look like one of the company's stand-alone integrated amplifiers but it's packed with streaming features to make it an ideal just-add-speakers system.There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time.

Few things are more rewarding than filling your room with your favourite sounds delivered by a good HiFi system. Whether you want a complete system ready to plug in, or you want to buy and connect HiFi separates individually, the end result is the same; great music to your ears. You can find many new or used complete systems and separates on eBay at a wide range of prices. Many manufacturers have released complete HiFi systems comprising a range of separates over the years, from smaller micro or midi systems placed on a shelf or in a cabinet, to large, floor-standing tower systems.

The advantage of a ready-made, complete HiFi system is that the HiFi units are well matched electrically and stylistically. One advantage of buying individual components is that you can do it over time. Another is that you can pick and choose the units with the specifications and functions you want. Separates include:. It's not essential as HiFi units generally follow the same connectivity standard. However, older HiFi devices may not have the same choice of digital inputs and outputs as newer ones.

However, you can still connect to it by cable. For those with cherished record and cassette collections, many manufacturers also produce turntables and cassette players. In addition to playing records and cassettes, many enable you to convert them to MP3 digital audio files.

Sell your Hi-Fi Equipment

You can then play your favourite albums anytime on digital devices, from smartphones to computers. Skip to main content. Shop by Brand. See all - Shop by Brand. Best selling. See all - Best selling. All Auction Buy it now. Sort: Best Match. Best Match.

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Gallery view. Only 1 left. See similar items. Shunyata Venom - superb Speaker cable 10 ft. Technics SA L. Good working order. Amp only. Results pagination - page 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Highest-rated products. See all - Highest-rated products. Hot this week. Sponsored listings. Got one to sell? You may also like. Make an offer. Grundig ST Tuner. Shop now.The process of building a stereo can be overwhelming. Should you buy new gear or trawl the local stereo shop for vintage equipment?

Do you need a subwoofer for music? Are high-end speaker cables really going to make a difference in sound? It's no wonder, then, that smart speakers have become so popular : They're available in a variety of sizes and, when paired with a music streaming subscription, are a simple way to access a world of music. But the trade-off for that convenience is sound quality.

second hand hifi systems

While an Echo or HomePod is perfect for listening to podcasts, it can't stack up to the power and fidelity you get with a traditional stereo. While the initial setup and research are more intensive than simply telling Alexa to order more Echo Dotsafter it's done you'll have a much more versatile -- not to mention better-sounding -- way to listen to music at home.

We aren't going to debate the merits of which sounds better in this piece, but it's important to talk about the differences between analog and digital. For stereo purists, there's nothing better than using woven copper cable and RCA jacks to connect their gear. But if you want the best sound, the quality of the connection counts, and that factor can be influenced by everything from the length of speaker wire you're using to how much magnetic interference is in your home.

Stereo gear isn't required to offer anything beyond analog inputs, and for purists who want to keep it as old-school as possible, that's a big draw. However, analog gear does have a shortcoming: Some older equipment can take time to fully "warm up" before it achieves peak sound quality.

On the other hand, digital signals don't fall prey to these sorts of things. They're binary, meaning there's no quality difference depending on the type of cable you buy or how long a piece of equipment has been turned on.

A digital signal either works or it doesn't -- there's no in between. If you're going to use passive speakers, you'll need an amplifier to power them. But should you get a stereo receiver or an integrated amp? A receiver is a receiver because, well, it's receiving broadcast signals.

Hercai rejan episodi 66

It still has an amplifier built in, but there's a radio tuner inside as well. If you'd rather skip that, look for an integrated amp. It's really that simple. There can be a few benefits in choosing an amp over a receiver too, like cleaner design and smaller overall size.

That's in addition to not spending money on a feature you may ultimately never use.

Dci formats in lte

There has been plenty of digital ink spilled about the merits of old gear. Cases are made from solid chunks of machined aluminum and wood rather than flimsy plastic and wood-grain veneer.

How it feels to turn the various knobs and dials was given as much consideration as visual design. And then there's the sound-quality-to-price ratio. Modern equipment places more emphasis on features than it does sound. That's because most people usually don't listen to their gear before they buy it these days. It's why you should hit your local stereo shop instead of Best Buy: Any boutique worth its salt will let you demo its stock before you walk out the door with it, in addition to having extremely knowledgeable salespeople.

A good local store will help you pick the right system and components for your needs too. Some stores offer online sales in case you don't have any local options. Alternatively, you could hit a garage sale or a thrift shop, or go digging through your parents' attic to see if they have anything lying around. Or you could start trawling eBay or Craigslist. The risk with these options is that it's hard to gauge whether you've found a gem or a piece of junk until you get it home.

Even the best equipment needs some love after collecting dust for 30 years, and you could wind up sinking as much money into maintenance and repairs as it would have cost to buy from a local store in the first place. Old equipment does have a few drawbacks, though -- namely, its size and lack of modern conveniences.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Still considered to generally offer a warmer, smoother sound than CDs, records are perhaps the most satisfying way of listening to music. We have a great selection of high quality turntables, including USB models, so you can enjoy your vinyl albums with digital convenience. Showing Items 1 - 12 of Prices valid in store all including VAT until close of business on.

Thrift Store Hi-Fi: Some tips and tricks

Some of these web prices are cheaper than in-store, so please mention that you've seen these offers online. The price for the goods will be as stipulated on the website at the time when you place your order, but this will need to be validated by us prior to processing your order. If there is a problem, we will inform you of the correct price and will give you the opportunity to purchase the goods at the correct price. Please note: 03 numbers are NOT premium rate numbers. Hi-Fi View our hottest hi-fi deals!

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Our hottest deals on turntables Denon DP Black Turntable. Hot New Product! Extended home exchange.

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